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Originally Posted by damnyankee20 View Post
Let's not forget that whackjob Lantz broke into his mother's gun safe then murdered his mother by blasting her face off while she lay sleeping THEN stole the rest of her guns, stole her car, drove to the school where she worked, killed her friends then killed the little kids she helped take care of.

This kid had a whole lotta hatin' goin' on for his momma - and my guess is, he felt he was taking a backseat to her new job at the school (she was a retired stock broker and was financially set for life).
You seem to have a lot more information than many of us.

Where did you hear about the safe he broke into? I'd like to read that.

The fact that she worked at the school, I thought the superintendent of schools said that information was not true. The mother did not work there.

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