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Originally Posted by COLDSTEEL165 View Post
This subject has been beaten to death on every forum etc.Bottom line anyone who fears caring with one in the chamber.? I strongly suggest that they start caring a Revolver.? Case Closed.
Sir, you win the Internet this evening. Good post.

And I concur. There are quality revolvers from major manufactures in every (ok, just about) caliber. Get a good revolver and a good holster and take comfort in having 5-8 shots ready to go without the need to "chamber a round".

I carry a Kahr CM9 in a Desantis, strong side hip pocket. I always have 1 in the chamber. I try not to "handle" the firearm except to take the whole rig (holster and pistol) out of my pocket in the evening and to put it back in my pocket the next morning.

That being said, I pocket carried a j frame for 3 years and never felt under armed.
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