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I am far from being a Glockophile; never carried one until 2008 when I signed on as the Asst. Chief and Firearms Instructor for an outfit that issues them. I have since become a Glock Armorer and it's sorta like being the Maytag repairman.

Almost comically, the first G22 they issued me choked right and left. Turned out to be a bad magazine. 40 Caliber feed lip specs are 9.4mm or 0.370" at the rear of the mag and 9.6mm or 0.378" at the front. Too narrow, you get 'nose down' failures to feed. Too wide, and you get 'nose up' failures.

FWIW I have old hard-used G23 mags that are at least 0.005" over the above specs, and they feed perfectly.
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