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Originally Posted by Glockbuster View Post
Im thinking your training is more military oriented than self defense for a citizen. But for self defense if you are going to move backwards in that fashion there are better choices. The danger behind you that you cannot see might be greater than that in front of you. English has pointed out the correct things. How can one possibly think you will gain anything by walking back so slowly at the price of accuracy in those precious seconds to make your shots count ? If I have to run Ill run fast and I will look at what Im stumbling upon, I can also fire and make noise at the threats.
Like I said above, if backwards is cover and every other direction is not...what is your option? Out of habit I will most likely press and move forward (at an angle) but that doesn't mean I shouldn't train with rearward movement. Even if you spend very little time training shooting while moving backwards, you should do it none the less to be familiar. Everyone can train for perfect world but you may find the need to back up a bit while sending some rounds. And no, my training is not all military based.
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