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Originally Posted by Gunnut 45/454 View Post
S So you make it harder for them to get guns- I can see them now coming in groups to invade ones home to get those safes or taking hostages to for you to open said safe. Besides you will never satisfy the gun grabbers- understand they don't want you to have ANY firearms so why do you feel the need to compromise your rights! There should be NO compromise!
I"m into crime shows. One show featured a group of young men who broke into safes by pounding on them with sledgehammers. It only took two young men, a lookout, and about 20 min.

IMO opinion this wouldn't please the Feinsteins of the world. They only thing that would make them happy would be guns out of the hands of peons. I think the elites could care less about criminals getting guns. I suspect some at the top will not mind if crime increases.

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