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I'm getting some terrific feedback, so thank you everyone. Keep 'em coming!

Travlin' Jack, you seem to be most interested in performance and by letting people try it out, you are encouraging others to use it, which goes to my opinion that if people can sample/test for themselves, they would be more likely to try something new. More importantly, from a marketing standpoint, you promote products you like - a company can't ask for a better ad campaign then that!

NBT, it looks like you tend to be brand loyal and are more likely to try something new if your favorite company comes out with it, but maybe not necessarily if a different company comes out with something new. From a marketing standpoint, you would be my hardest customer to convince to try a new product from a new company. So I have a question for you too, IF you could be convinced to try something new from a different company, what would be the motivating factor?

Great answer Concretefuzzynuts, you take a scientific approach to your decision making. You are interested but skeptical, wanting facts and figures to back-up claims and you weigh the information relative to your actual use. This is also very good to know.
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