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Originally Posted by Glockbuster View Post
Yes, but if you walk back as in the video, how will you know there is cover behind you ? The person in the video did not back pedal a step or two, he walked back quite a bit while firing with no knowledge what was behind him. I wonder how far away were his threats ? Do you think that is the best choice ?
I could see myself taking a step back to get behind the door of my patrol car, or behind the trunk of the vehicle I had stopped, but that is it.
IMHO the best choice is to fight it out. Seek cover if you can, and keep fighting until the threat has ceased. Never give up. I don't plan on backpedaling. I can see the merits of it in a military situation though, where you and your squad may have to make a tactical retreat. For police scenerios I don't see the benefit.
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