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Originally Posted by tacticalG23 View Post
I don't know if it ever came up in any of the BTF threads as I tend not to read them... is it theoretically possible the magazine spring be responsible in BTF?
As in the slide cycles back and the next round comes up with such force that it knocks the ejecting case upwards and straight back or to the left and such? I know success has been changing the extractor but I never understood how that could be responsible for leftward ejection...
Of course it is part of the equation! It is entirely possible that the incoming round pushes the extracting case off of the extractor. Still, slow motion video shows the case bouncing around inside the slide and, specifically, bouncing off the lower edge of the ejection port. Back in the bad old days of 1911 Government Models, we had the same problem. So, we cut the ejection port down until the problem went away. That's pretty much standard these days.

Note also the difference in the breech face between a Glock and a 1911. The 1911 is machined in such a way that the base can not ride up.

Glock's decision to use a .40 S&W recoil spring in a 9mm gun almost guarantees the slide is moving slow. For wimpy ammo, it also prevents the slide from moving all the way to the rear and this doesn't improve feeding. Sure, they have changed the spring several times and I suppose it helped but combined with the crappy MIM extractor, there are still problems on some percentage of guns.

The changes in the manufacturing of late model Gen 3s and Gen 4s manifestly displays the difference between change and improvement. Whatever manufacturing cost savings Glock realized, it can't possibly cover the cost of repairs and loss of reputation.

FWIW, the problems on the 9mm guns usually shows up somewhere around 800-1000 rounds. It is not unusual for the guns to work fine for a few hundred rounds. For most SD customers, this is a lifetime of shooting! For others, it's a pleasant day or two at the range.

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