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Bought back my old G20

Well after going 7 years "glock-less" I bought back my old G20 as a beater gun around the house. As much as I used to complain about he plastic frame flex of the g20, it does have a place and I finally figured out how to use it. So I went to my shooting buddy and bought it back for exactly what he bought it from me from 7 years ago.

I am using my G20 with a KKM 6" barrel as a readily available blaster gun at home. We have had some incidents in the area and I decided I wanted more horsepower than a 9mm or 45 could deliver. The 10mm G20 does that well, and it has the bulletproof reliability of the glock. Of the roughly 4000 rounds fired through it while I had it and the roughly 1000 rounds he shot through it, we never had a jam or misfire that either of us could remember.

So, now I need to collect some more 15 round mags (bad timing on my part I admit) and get a bit better at the practice with it. At least I have a bunch of 10 round mags from the last mag ban.
10MM & 357 SIG, best things to come along since the 38 Super!

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