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Originally Posted by Gunnut 45/454 View Post
So you want to have a safe in every house that owns a firearm? You going to pay the thousands of dollars to do that? So if every gun is in a safe then how does one protect themselves? Kind of stupid idea! How about we put those who steal guns in prison for a very long time instead. So how is this going to stop criminals from getting guns? I guess you've never seen them breaking into a guns store where you live? Do you think they will just suddenly stop get firearms? So you make it harder for them to get guns- I can see them now coming in groups to invade ones home to get those safes or taking hostages to for you to open said safe. Besides you will never satisfy the gun grabbers- understand they don't want you to have ANY firearms so why do you feel the need to compromise your rights! There should be NO compromise!
Take a deep breath and read the OP again. It suggests gun owners need to be responsible in preventing gun theft.

Proper, secure storage is a significant step one can take to be responsible. Secure storage can be provided with a locked bedside drawer or closet, a small personal safe, a gun safe, off-site high-security storage, a secure gun room, bank lock boxes, etc. These are measures we need to take to keep our guns out of criminal hands and away from kids and others who might do harm with them, including suicide.

I agree with the OP. I think we should be responsible, and I think we should be held accountable for acts of absolute negligence that result in our firearms being used in the commission of a violent crime. I think anyone who leaves a gun unsecured for a child to use in shooting a sibling or himself should be prosecuted. I believe cases like Newtown, where an unstable person has access to guns, should result in prosecution.

If installing a deadbolt lock on a closet door is all one can afford to do for secure gun storage, the test of reasonableness should be met. At least unauthorized access would require someone to exert substantial effort, take time and use tools to overcome the locked storage area.

Holding us accountable isn't gun grabbing. It's common sense.

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