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Gun Owners need to do their part in real gun control

Senator Feinstein has learned a lot since the last ban. This one is about confiscation over time. Clearly, she believes criminals and crazies are getting weapons from legal owners and those owners have been lax about securing their weapons.

I think she feels the criminals' weapons will be confiscated over time when they get arrested. However, the criminals will continue to obtain/steal weapons from legitimate owners who inadequately secure them.

So, in order to disarm criminals, Feinstein wants to cause their source of weapons to go away over time. By creating the ban list and establishing restrictions on ownership transfer, the weapons will eventually be forced to be turned in for destruction.

I hate the law and will fight it if it is even partially passed.

However, I also recognize that gun owners have been very lax in securing their firearms. If most of us had previously better secured our weapons, this legislation would never have been considered.

If we, the responsible gun owners, really want to take weapons from criminals, we should secure our weapons from theft.

It involves some effort and money.

For some, it may provide an opportunity for new businesses. Selling and installing safes is one opportunity. Another is to create commercial arms rooms to rent storage for certain weapons people may want to secure outside the home. I am sure more industrious people will have better ideas.

What I am saying is that we need to do our part in turning back these gun grabbing initiatives. Let's start by recognizing we are the source of the criminals' weapons. Let's show that we can better secure our weapons from theft and misuse by others.
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