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Lenny just put up a notice that things are going slow for shipping at the Glockstore but he hasn't said anything about what you - and I - have experienced...TOTAL CUSTOMER NO-SERVICE. Website doesn't work all the time..drop downs won't work. I have a question on the red Heavy Extended Aluminum Magazine Base Plate and he's the only one that sells them. HOW do they attach to the they replace the old base plate. Website doesn't say. But, like the OP i get either constant ring with no answer or constant busy signal on the phone. I can't even find a local Sandy Eggo number to call its all through the NON-WORKING 800 number. Emails have all gone unanswered for two weeks. Their send us a message thingie also goes unanswered for two weeks. As bad as I want that product of theirs I'm friggin' afraid to order it for fear they don't really have any and are too busy doing whatever to even fill the order and ship it. With jobs short you'd think they'd hire some more staff, put on another shift, instead of just not responding to prospective customers. A far different presentation than all his cheery little videos about all his wonderful products. Methinks we're seeing the real Glockstore right now and its left a VERY VERY sour taste in my mouth. I hope they're making a lot of money from the hoarders because I think they've lost a LOT of regular and new customers.
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