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Originally Posted by Wyoming View Post
fnfalman, "I've been waiting for this mamajama going on two months and it came in a freakin' cardboard box!!!"

When I read the header I thought you got a Les Baer! I was shocked! I didn't know if you were trying other brand of 1911's or were continuing the Les Baer comes in a cheap box.......
The brother is only interested in Colt M1911s.

A 45 ACP that is not a Colt 1911. I know it is still a Colt but I am proud of you Scooter, your exploring new guns.
I bought my .45ACP wheelguns way before I decided to buy me some Colt pistols.

With the exception of the SW M325 and its infernal safety lock, I've bought all representatives of SW .45ACP revolvers. With the Colt I only had the M1917 and now the SAA in .45ACP. With Ruger, I have the Blackhawk Convertible in .45LC/.45ACP (and the other convertible too .357/9mm).
Can you dig it?
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