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My suggestion as some have already noted is for you, meaning any poster or reader of this post, to PRACTICE!!! I do not care if you want to carry chamber empty, or loaded. Just practice whichever technique you plan to use until it becomes an ingrained memory.

My primary carry is a G22. My primary and secondary competitive guns are a 2011 and a 1911. I am so used to swiping the safety off that I try to take one off on my Glock. This translates to my thumb coming down into position as my strong hand grips the gun in a manner that will wipe the safety off even though it is not there.

My 2011 is competition only. My 1911 is easily a carry gun. I would have no problem carrying my 1911 because the muscle memory is there to draw the gun, remove the safety, and then place my finger on the trigger as it indexes on the target for an active engagement situation, or along side the frame when dealing with a non shooting situation. As long as I have no intention of firing the gun my finger is on the frame. When I plan to fire it subconsciously drops into place on the trigger. This is in a large part due to thousands of repetitions over a 20 year + time span. So do things however you want, but practice the hell out of it.
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