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Originally Posted by Goldendog Redux View Post
Johan Blake is a sprinter. ANYONE who knows anything knows sprinting is invaluable with regard to training in the Crossfit/interval/threshold training world. I do not know how Blake trains but I doubt it involves significant distance running. I bet he lifts weight-squat/dead/bench etc. Sprinting is regularly programmed in Crossfit gyms across the world.

I don't expect he trains Crossfit, nor should he. Just like an Olympic class weightlifter or world class powerlifter, he should train specific to his trade.

Running-or perhaps jogging-which is more likely what people do should not be confused with sprinting.
Yes, I know Blake is a sprinter. I know a little about sprinting. Believe it or not sprinting was around before Crossfit.

It is not Crossfit/interval/threshold training. It is athletic training. Athletes have been training with sprints a long long time. It is not an Internet phenomena. Sprinting has always been a staple in athletic training.

Sprinting is a form of running. It is just one gait of running. Up until about three months ago, if I had told you I'd been running, it almost certainly would have been at a sprint gait.

I do not need to be told that"ANYONE", that was my point. People who actually know anything didn't need Crossfit to tell them sprinting was important. People, including me, have been sprint training before Crossfit was on the www.

There is no confusion with sprinting and running because sprinting IS running. Ifi said Bolt ran a 9.59 would you say I was wrong he sprinted a 9.59? Do you say, "I ran intervals" or" I sprinted intervals"? How about track athletes? I guarantee you they say, "I run the 100". Claiming sprinting isn't running is semantic silliness.
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