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I think the reason for my question was not expressed well enough, so I will try to explain it better.

I am not as much interested in knowing what brands people are using as I am interested in WHY they are using it. The brand name gives me a point of reference only. I am asking from a marketer's point of view - I am researching the MOTIVATION behind the choices being made.

I did start looking up some other threads and gathering information, so that is somewhat helpful. You are right to point out that there is a wealth of information already here, and I am definitely going to glean as much of it as I can. Mostly people just say what they use, which would be fine if I was shopping for a new lubricant myself, but that's not the reason for my question.

I am specifically looking for statements like, "I like [brand X] because it is nontoxic." That tells me that the buyer is clearly concerned with safety and/or health concerns and toxicity was a factor in their decision. I'd like to know what percentage of buyers consider safety a primary reason to buy or switch to a particular brand.

Statements like, "I have used [brand Y] since I was a kid" might indicate brand loyalty, a hard nut to crack from a marketing point of view. If a particular brand tends to have a "loyal following", I would be interested in knowing why; did they have an amazing advertising campaign, or do they have a strong presence at special events/competitions/shows, or is it something else?

"I like the smell", "It's the only brand my favorite store carries", "They donate a portion of the proceeds to charity", etc. are all statements that help me understand why the choices are being made.
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