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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
Thanks TK. And again thanks to everyone. I'm still working on the E-mail.

Seems like I've said this 100 time here but here I go again. I'm highly dyslexic (use spell check). Problem is my eye sees what my mind says is "supposed" to be there. Things like own of our, them for than, they for there. I have the aromatic (automatic... spell check did that) correction turned off bu (but) it still something (sometimes) replaces words and my eye/mind sees the correct word in it's place. Punctuation? Forget it. Just never did and never will stick. Because of this I hardely (hardly) ever send letters or e-mail (to) companies. The words in ( ) shows what I coug (caught). I'm suer (sure) thare (there) are lost (lots) more that I missed.

And before it is asked. Why do I post here? Because the majority of the "true" conservative I've interacted with could care less about spelling and punctuation but are more interested the the facts and information. Liberals on the other-hand like to try to use spelling as a TOOL because they are TOOLS and that's all they have. They ant got no facts to back them up . I could care less because it doesn't take long for their liberalism to show and they NEVER have a legitimate argument. They try to make me look stupid because of my dyslexia but I can show them for the fools they are with facts. I believe it's a pretty good tradeoff.

Anyway! I'll get back to the E-mail tomorrow. Gotta go to work. High ho, high ho!
Don't worry about the spelling crap on here. This is not a novel writers forum. If your sending a resume for a job, then yes it is important to get it right. But people on the forums who nit pic about spelling on a "non spelling" forum, are trolls.
Write you email, paste it here,before you send and maybe someone here can help fix any small problems.. the copy it and paste it to your email and send.

I hope corporate or the owner of that place is conservative and hears about his liberal managers anti gun policy, and how it is losing him money.
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