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Originally Posted by CitizenOfDreams View Post
3:45PM - a representative of our client (a company with a 9-digit quarterly revenue) sends me an e-mail requesting a quote. Needs it today.
Yep, that is the one thing that really annoys me. There's that old saying that many seem to ignore: Your urgency is not my emergency. Yeah, a cute saying, but it rings true so often.

I have found there are three reasons for this:

1. Lack of planning at an organization leaves everyone running around playing catch-up. A lot of things at these organizations is done half-assed.

2. The person wanting something immediately thinks the world revolves around them and their needs.

3. People do business this way because they don't know how to use technology efficiently.

The misuse and abuse of these technologies is sometimes astounding. People will do things like cancel meetings just because they have the technology to contact you at a moment's notice. It shows inconsideration and lack of commitment.

Okay, don't get me started now.
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