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Help with tac light holster other than safariland 6285

Got a memo today advising everyone with a safariland 6285 holster is to stop using them immediately. This is due to an incident on the West side of Washington State. The memo advised the officers duty weapon was discharged while in the holster. The info was a child put it's finger in the holster and was able to pull the trigger on a S&W M&P 9MM. I don't have the memo with me of I could give more on the department name and such.

I carry a Glock 22 with a TLR1S. I attempted to get my finger in the trigger guard area. I was able to touch the trigger but I could not pull it. The Glock safe action trigger did not allow me to pull it.

None the less I had to go to the department issue gun today with no tac light.

so any suggestions on a new duty holster that will fit my Glock 22 with a TLR1S on it? It must be a level 2 or higher.
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