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My rules of business communications - unreasonable?

When I communicate with people on business matters, I try to follow a simple set of common sense (at least to me) rules.

- If I have something that requires an immediate answer, I call people. I do not expect them to check their e-mail every 60 seconds 24 hours a day.

- If I have something that's not time critical, I either send e-mail, or call during business hours, excluding lunch break. I am also familiar with the concept of time zones.

- I call people from a phone number they can call back and reach me.

- If I call someone and get his voice mail, I listen to the message. It often tells you where to find the person you called or someone else who can help you.

- If I need to leave a voice message, I tell my name, my company, and how to call me back. I do not present my life story in a 10-minute monologue.

Do you think my set of rules is unreasonable?
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