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Originally Posted by IndyGunFreak View Post
Why aren't these threads locked immediately? You can find a bazillion opinions on this by using Google for about 4sec.

Well, heck, why not just lock every thread? Shucks, why even have a discussion forum at all? You can find opinion on virtually every topic via Google that's in old forum threads, Twitter or blogs/articles.

I think we should petition GT to have an "auto-close" feature five minutes after any thread is created. /sarcasm

Ok, sorry, shouldn't have done it, but it's a pet peeve of mine when the forum police want to dictate which topics are worthy of discussion on a DISCUSSION forum.

Originally Posted by Lone Wolf8634 View Post
It also has the advantage of informing you what the limitations of time and position are in reference to your chosen carry method and cover clothing.
I wanted to highlight this part of your post. It was all good, but wanted to bring attention to this. Far too often people practice, or simply assume, the best case scenarios. What happens when you have a concealment garment and winter coat? What about when you wear tucked shirt (assuming you do)? What about when you are sitting? In the car with the seat belt fastened?

Each of these, and many other situations, create completely unique draw scenarios, and take varying amounts of time. If you are seated and your shirt is too long, you can be sitting on it, and might not be able to rip it up in a clean ripping motion. There are so many factors.

So, whether you are practicing with an unloaded gun, or a Blue rings gun that is the same model as your gun (good overall, but doesn't properly replicate weight), you need to not only make the general draw stroke second nature (start here), but then in addition to continuing to practice to not lose the draw stroke, you need to start practicing drawing from less than ideal positions, clothing, etc.
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