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Originally Posted by RJ's Guns View Post
Instead of vandros focusing on "fine motorskill", I would suggest that he practice more so that drawing a handgun in a safe manner, such as you suggested, i.e.; “PROPERLY drawing your weapon, with your trigger finger in the proper place until the gun is coming on target and ONLY then putting your finger inside the trigger guard/reaching for the trigger, and then going back to the proper place when the gun is leaving the target” becomes a matter of “muscle memory”.

That type of muscle memory is so engrained in me, that I do not even think about it. It seems to me that vandros has been practicing the wrong thing.

I do find it useless to waste the time try to change someone like vandros’ opinion or way of thinking on this matter. It reminds me of a gun-grabber and how intransigent they are about how dangerous they perceive firearms to be.

This. It looks, feels and sounds foolish and mall ninjaesque (yes, I make up words) but I have practiced drawing my gun properly from my IWB, shoulder holster and BH Serpa thousands of times each. And each time I do it I make a point to follow the "Booger hook off the bang stick" rule.

If it becomes so ingrained that you cannot force yourself to place your finger in the trigger guard until you're on're almost there, practice a bit more.

It also has the advantage of informing you what the limitations of time and position are in reference to your chosen carry method and cover clothing.
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