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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
I know the difference and I use the correct terminology most of the time, but what difference does it make, really?

Uncle Sam taught me to use 'clips' when I carried his M-1 years ago. I'm not sure which term he used for the 1911s we trained with.

I just wonder why people get all twisted up when 'clip' slips out instead of 'mag'. Seems like a pretty small mistake to me.
It's a little crazy sometimes. While I say magazine 95% of the time, I sometimes say clip. I have no idea, probably from decades of TV and movies using the term.

I don't know if this is 100% accurate, but the way I differentiate is that a magazine holds the rounds on the inside (basically all of your AR, pistol, etc. type feeding devices are magazines, including the 1911).

Clips would be something that holds the rounds at the base. So, the M1 Garand has a clip, holding the rounds at their base. You can get 5.56 rounds on stripper 'clips' which hold ten rounds with a clip around their bases, allowing you to quickly reload a magazine.

So, in my simplified way of thinking, rounds being internal and it's a magazine, rounds being exposed and held together by a device at the base of the cartridge = a clip.

As to the over-reaction to people about the wrong use of the term, I think it's just a reaction to so many in the media and anti-gun crowd that spout anti-gun rhetoric, but have no clue about guns -- such as Feinstein outlawing semi-automatic rifles with rocket launchers attached to them.
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