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What would be interesting to hear from would be the docs or emts that have treated gun shot wounds and listened to what they have to say.

One of our sons did a surgical residency in a Cleveland Ohio hospital emergency room. They saw a lot of gunshot wounds there.....surprise, Huh?

Since our family has hunted, camped and fished a lot when we were raising our sons I asked him what he learned about gunshot wounds from pistols while there.

He said all gunshot wounds have the potential to be fatal. Having said that he went on to say that a .22lr is a low probability of death. He said he treated a guy that was shot once in the chest and twice in the back. Got him coming and then going. He survived but a few more inches of penetration could have been fatal.

He summarized his limited experience up with maybe a 9mm but if you want to get it done quickly a .40 or a 45ACP is the way to go. He said in one month there he saw 35 gunshot patients.

What is the experience from the medical guys?
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