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Originally Posted by English View Post
The idea behind walking back wards is to do it slowly and smoothly so that you can use the sights effectively and make good shots as you walk. One of the other things in the video is doing the same thing walking forwards.

The problem with doing both things is that your movement does not change the aiming process of you opponent, and he is stationary and so better able to aim and shoot than you are and your opponent might well be behind some kind of cover. This is a kind of mutual suicide pact with the odds more against you than for you. Moving backwards has the added disadvantage that you are in danger of falling over or bumping into something. Either thing makes your situation worse because it disrupts your firing process.

The point of moving backwards wouldn't just simply be a preference, it would have to be because of a distinct reason. In general, I would move forward at an angle if all things were equal. If there was cover just a few steps behind me I would chose that over forward or lateral movement without the possibility of cover.

If you are being fired on your first tactic should be to make yourself a difficult target. You do this by moving rapidly across his aim and changing direction rapidly so that he can't get used to the lead he needs. Depending on circumstances, this sideways running motion can be angled forward or backward to get to cover or to flank his position. At close quarters you can run past him at an angle and curve round behind him. You have the advantage in this situation of knowing what you are about to do before you do it. He is always trying to catch up.

I can't say that I just openly agree with this. Yes, you want to be a fast moving target. Yes, you want to make it as difficult for him to hit you as possible. But knowing how well you tend to think things through I would guess that the above was loosely stated. I single bag guy only has a flank and a rear at face value since he will be trying to turn to shoot you. Although I see your point and you have the advantage since you are initiating the still have to cover a distance he only has to pivot. There is also the factor that your terrain may dictate what you actually can do. You wouldn't want to move into traffic if you were on the roadside and innocent people in your area may (should) dictate where you move for your engagement. Also, I would prefer to get inside his OODA with bullets and movement, not just movement alone.

What moving rapidly means here is running and changing direction at full acceleration. The only way to do that without falling over is by running forward. Moving fast sideways or back wards just does not work!

Again, what movement is feasible may be controlled by the surroundings. A few steps rearward may be preferable if you gain cover in contrast to moving quickly forward to no cover at all...especially if the BG has cover.

If you can point shoot with one hand you can get off quite effective fire at the same time as running, depending on distance. At close range this has the great advantage that you can fire round the clock relative to your body orientation.

Just to clarify I should say that I'm not comparing forward vs back or lateral movement compared to rearward movement simply as a preference.
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