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So I am married 14 years with 2 daughters who are straight A students, my mother and father are awesome parents and I myself have a great job making $28hr with full medical and my wife also has a great job in the legal field and I also believe this was a major cover up to something and I believe top police brass rolled with the cover up. I am not 100% sure what went down but I believe it was a joint effort between liberals and top police brass in CT.

P.S. my parents are very proud of me
Do you have much experience with disasters? I do. In 1978 a plane crashed in Portland Oregon I was, by circumstances in the middle of the official end of the mess. I heard the so called "actual reports" as they came through channels before they reached the news. 50%of it, and no surprise, the FIRST 50% turned out to be BS. Now a good chunk of that was discovered to be erroneous before it was released to the media because this was before cell phones and the internet. Since then one thing hasn't changed and one thing has. Humans are still misreporting things even through official channels and that hasn't changed. What is new is our ability to get misinformation out at the speed of cell and internet.

Nothing in this story says anything more, to someone who has been in a crisis situation, than a nut went berserk, first reports were wrong, first reports were blasted over the media, and folks with their hats too tight decided to find conspiracies.
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