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Thank you Evosil98 & Rick O'Shay, I appreciate your answer.
Thank you Smoker, I will make a point of researching this subject on past threads which will, no doubt, be helpful and educational.

I do, however, hope that I get more posts on this thread though as I am sure that there are new people who have joined this fine forum since this was last discussed & I would be interested in hearing from them too.

Also, I am particularly interested in hearing from people who may have used a particular product in the past and have since changed their preference in favor of something newer and/or better. I would like to know what motivated you to make the change.

Did you see an ad and thought, hmmmm...I'd like to try that out? Or did you happen to use the new product because it was what was immediately available and you realized it was better than what you had been using?
Do you prefer to use products because that is what is currently being used by the military?
Are you always trying/testing the newest thing on the market?

Basically, I want "fresh" input to my question as this is the kind of information I am MOST interested in.

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