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On a more serious note, if you are not yet comfortable carrying a round in the chamber, it's okay. This usually means you are not yet confident in either the pistol not firing by itself or in your own firearm handling. This is what I tell people to do to overcome this. It's always worked. Get a quality holster that protects the trigger and completely covers the trigger guard. I can not express enough how important a quality holster is to carrying chambered with guns without manual safeties. With your pistol unloaded, cocked the gun, and then insert your mag. Carry like this, unchambered, for a month or two(or ever long it takes to get comfortable.) Every day at the end of the day inspect you pistol to make sure the trigger isn't depressed. It won't be. Glocks don't go off by themselves if you don't monkey with the internals too much. If it ever is. You did something wrong and need to re-evaluate your firearm handling skills as you are not ready to carry a firearm. The idea is, day after day, month after month if need be, you will notice the trigger doesn't and won't just depress by itself. Once you see this and are comfortable, start carrying one in the pipe. I actually did this to myself when I first started carrying a Glock. I grew up and was trained on firearms with manual safeties and uber safe gun handling and rules. I wasn't sure of a platform without manual safeties. This is how I initially over came that. Now I prefer no manual safeties.I think a lot of people use them almost as a crutch for poor firearms handling and using piss poor holsters. Eventually you need to carry chambered or you are crippling yourself. I hope this helps you out.
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