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Originally Posted by vandros View Post
I hear you, bro. And, I've taken the training you refer to (my instructor, btw, was in agreement with you). But, here's my scenario for you: You are startled by an attack, you rush to pull out your pistol with round in the chamber, because your fine motor reflexes are shot to hell, as you are pulling out your gun from the holster you accidentally shoot a hot bonded JHP into your thigh severing your femoral artery. As you are recovering from the shock of having just shot yourself, you realize that you will bleed to death in the matter of minutes. As you ponder your ill fate, the BG, shoots your wife, shoots you, takes your gun, takes your wallets and gets away. Is this scenario unlikely? I don't think so, based on how many negligent discharges occur to police officers who are hostering/unhostering their handguns under stress.
If you have practiced PROPERLY drawing your weapon, with your trigger finger in the proper place until the gun is coming on target and ONLY then putting your finger inside the trigger guard/reaching for the trigger, and then going back to the proper place when the gun is leaving the target, it isn't a "fine motor skill" issue.

If you ever have to draw your weapon in self defense, the odds of you severing your femoral artery vs. the odds that you will need to use your off hand to fend off an attack are not even in the same realm of possibility. One, the latter, is a routine factor when drawing a weapon in self defense, and the other is a contrived rationale for not carrying one in the chamber.

Your artery scenario would only be a realistic scenario for someone who is improperly (or not at all) trained (self or instructor or both) and is in the habit of putting his finger inside the trigger guard as the gun clears leather. If a person is doing that, and their training level is that poor, then I agree with you of the dangers. Short of that lack of training, your scenario is simply a far fetched reach/justification and you are probably as likely to have your skull bashed in from blue ice falling off an airplane.
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