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Originally Posted by JDSTG58 View Post
How many rounds does the Colt delta 10 mm hold? It was on my list before all this nonsense.

I'm also thinking something in .44.
I'm not sure about the supplied magazines with the Delta-Elite, but my 10mm 1911 is fed by Wilson Combat ETM mags (regular .45ACP mags) and they hold 9 rounds of 10mm

45ACP height = (8 * .45) = 3.6"
10mm height = (9 * .40) = 3.6"

This is my everyday carry weapon and this combo will remain on my side for years to come, I'll just be loading them with a couple less rounds.

Giving up those two rounds is worth it given how much safer I feel now that the men in-the-know have put a stop to all this high-capacity madness.
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