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Originally Posted by ArlenGunClub View Post
Hey guys,
I just got my CHL in TX and am deciding how I will carry my G23. I have heard arguments for keeping one in the chamber and keeping all in the clip, and I'm still stuck on the decision. I want y'alls opinions. I feel uneasy carrying one in the chamber as the glock has no external safety, but I don't want to waste time and possibly alert an enemy racking the slide if it ever comes down to it. Help me Glock Talk.
I always CCW a Glock and I always carry 'hot'.
Sole reason for that is in a CCW scenario you have to react to the assailant-doesn't leave much time to rack the slide back to chamber a round.

I don't want to have to worry about having to manually chamber a round when I have a guy wanting to kill me.
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