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Originally Posted by ESAFO View Post
thats the thing i have spend quit abit of money with them in the past & they've treated me well, along with there prices being standard retail on everything until that famous day.
the kicker is they have 3 diff stores & all 3 stores have diff prices on there guns, i can only think that it's the managers setting local prices in lue of the paying customer.
but i don't know that to be true, just a guess.
Well, I am not in Ohio(Intermountain region for me) but I was able to buy two new Glocks(A G26 and G32gen4) just two weeks ago for 500 and 550 dollars, respectively.

Guess what I am saying is that I don't think the distributors are gouging us,but some of the retail folks certainly are.

All that being said, nothing wrong with being loyal to a lgs that has been good to you in the past.
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