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I used to live in a HOA controlled condo hell. The majority of people are good folks who work hard and just want to be left alone to be with families. The only people on the board are the retired people who really have no life and need something to do.

After being run by this crazy old retired maniacal old lady who kept upping fees and doing crazy stuff, some people tried to run to get on the board and somehow couldn't win, very strange, but there was a large apathetic populace there that just wanted to be left alone and nobody wanted to fight because they were afraid of the retaliation... and she upped her madness.

She wasn't embezzling the money, because the accounts are fine, but she was spending it on dumb stuff like repainting the outside a puke green that nobody voted for... and she literally spent all day and night patrolling the area on foot in her robe, issuing warnings to people who parked in wrong spots or calling the fire department on people with too much stuff on the balcony, etc.

After a series of auto burgs, she had the brilliant idea to hire an unarmed security guard to foot patrol the parking lot... for 4 days a week (Thurs-Mon)... at night... and his job was to actually check the door handles on every car to make sure they are locked and if not, issue a warning to the car owner that his car was not locked. I guess the fact that the burglars usually struck during the weekday at night and people weren't home on the weekend evenings didn't matter... also I guess the burglars watching will just say... heck, our 4 favorite nights are patrolled so we are screwed... let's scrap the other 3 nights as well since "American Idol" is back and we can't miss that.

I saw the guard trying the door handles on every car one night and I told him to never touch my car without my permission and he said the HOA president told him to do it. I said she does not control the cars and I never gave permission for anyone to touch my car. You touch it and break something, you pay for it. (I owned a Porsche at the time) He started stuttering about how his company is bonded and insured and I said I don't care, don't touch my car unless I authorize it or else I will have you arrested.

The HOA president then confronted me one day and we had it out and she said she had all the authority to have the guard check car doors. I said it would be an opt in if we wanted him to do so but it's not an opt out where we would have to say no... and besides, she never told us that upfront so nobody even knew. She eventually backed off and said she'll continue to have him check all the cars except for mine.

I left after 2 years and my buddy got out shortly after. Nobody could stand it.
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