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Originally Posted by Ohio Copper View Post
I take great pleasure in telling "HOA board members" to piss off at a scene.

You really just pulled up in the middle of these police cars and fire trucks, with all these people in uniform running around, to proclaim that you're on the HOA board and demand to know what's going on? Yeah, this is your only warning to GTFO or be arrested.

Can you tell I've dealt with these mutts before?

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I live in a neighborhood with an HOA, and used to have constant run ins with the old management company. I had no problem drawing the line in the sand with them, because I know what they can and can't do.

I had one of the HOA board members tell me that if I put up a satellite dish without their approval they would fine me. He saw the Direct TV guy leaving my property. I told them to suck it, because they would never know if I did or didn't. It's not visible to the road, so it's not his concern.

He told me that he could just come on to and inspect my property. I told him like hell he could, and I then issued him a criminal trespass warning. I explained that he (then entire HOA board and its agents, to include employees of the mamangement company) is not welcome on my property without my prior written consent, and I would personally arrest him (or anyone else) I found trespassing on my property.

He said that the HOA rules allow him to come on to my property at anytime. I explained that his HOA rules don't supersede state law, and if I caught him on my property the best outcome he could hope for would be to taken to jail. I further explained that if he trespassed in the face of my previous warning, I would take it as him acting with hostile intent, and as retaliatory.

I never got that fine....

Thankfully, the old board has sincd all been voted out and a new management company hired.
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