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Why are these conspiracy theories so appealing?

Why are they so strongly embraced?

Why is it so easy to accept theories lacking factual basis, lacking verifiable, irrefutable facts.

There are conspiracies documented in history. That is a fact.

Powerful people order less powerful people to find and convince and allow powerless people to do the deeds that prove the need for more power for the most powerful.

Is that a correct statement?

One theory running around internet space is that all mass shootings in the last two decades were committed by people brainwashed, coerced, trained, and drugged by the Federal government. Sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster, doesn't it?

Another is that all the shooters belonged to the Democrat Party, or their parents did, or they attended a meeting... The Democrats caused it, conspired to have people killed.

The influence of television, movies and games is intertwined around other blame in some theories. But, just who is being influenced.

The hardcore conspiracy theorists, those who devote hours and hours and hours to doing their research, connecting their dots using facts available, they are the source of some of those TV and movie plots.

Their hardcore followers spread the theories across blogs and websites. These sources are then quoted by believers on other sites, forums, their own blogs. By now, the conspiracy facts are mixed with the opinions, interpretations, and sub-theories of the believers. Whatever facts there were are now overshadowed by fuzzy conjecture.

Are these lesser believers influenced by all the instant case resolution on TV? Is their impatience due to their 1-hr attention span. If a crime is not committed, the evidence presented to them in real time and the case solved in an hour, it must be a conspiracy to keep the evidence from them.

At this stage, eyewitness accounts mean nothing. Wait, is that the whole point? Is that the goal? Are the theory's facts meant to devolve and cloud true facts? Are they meant to...

It seems the more horrendous the event, the more outrageous the conspiracy claims are. These coming out of Sandy Hook prove that point. Some of you here will not be satisfied until you can personally see each victim's body exhumed and examine the wounds.

Wait until the/a judge rules that photos of the victims, out of respect for the families, will not be released. The media will then join the conspiracy theorists reigniting the flames.
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