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Leather holsters are no kinder to the slide than kydex. Grit and dirt inside either is the primary cause of wear, and grit easily wiped from kydex can embed in leather and be hard on the weapon. Moisture is more of a concern with leather. I prefer leather, but must admit my use is pretty evenly split between leather and non leather holsters. The only holster I've found that secures properly is the serpa, and it's not leather, nor is it very good for concealment. I have a galco Fed paddle. The holster is excellent in every regard, is adjustable for tension, cant, and belt width, but the paddle leaves much to be desired. It has one "tooth" or retaining prong, about 3/4" across, and I don't find it to be full on secure, nor will it accommodate my widest belts. This leads me to prefer my issued galco or strong pancake holsters.
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