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Originally Posted by ArlenGunClub View Post
Hey guys,
I just got my CHL in TX and am deciding how I will carry my G23. I have heard arguments for keeping one in the chamber and keeping all in the clip, and I'm still stuck on the decision. I want y'alls opinions. I feel uneasy carrying one in the chamber as the glock has no external safety, but I don't want to waste time and possibly alert an enemy racking the slide if it ever comes down to it. Help me Glock Talk.
If you feel uneasy about one in the chamber, carry your gun for the first few days/ long as it takes with a full magazine and nothing in the chamber.

As to carrying one in the chamber, yes, definitely something I do.
Unless you can guarantee that anyone trying to attack me will give me 5-10 second notice and will stand there and wait for me to react I will carry with one in the chamber.
That's right.....of course no one will do that.
So....yes one in the chamber.
Imagine 2-3 seconds of reaction time, you reading the situation and what's the right thing to do, are innocent people near etc. then 3-4 seconds for drawing and getting your weapon on the target, that is if you're good, plus another 2 seconds for you to rack the slide.

I'll stay with one in the chamber.
However don't do it until you start feeling ok about it and get very very used to your Glock.
For example that guy who recently shot him self in the foot or *****, I forgot, in Walmart while he was reaching for his wallet would have never fired that shot if it wasn't for that round in the chamber.
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