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Originally Posted by Lone Wolf8634 View Post
So....... can you draw your weapon and rack the slide with one hand? In a reasonable amount of time, say.... 2 seconds or less?

Could you rack the slide after having fended off a blow from a baseball bat with your left arm, that is now broken in one or more places?

Could you rack the slide with one hand when the lunatic attacking you has stuck his knife into the meaty part of your forearm because you had to block it from entering your chest, and he's now jerking the knife all over hell and gone trying to get it out for another try?

Honestly, I'm not flaming you, i want you to carry however you're comfortable. Just want to give you some scenarios to think about. There is a real chance that in any self defense situation you'll be injured, and who knows what part of your body may or may not be working properly.
These are good scenarios to ponder... I do practice one-handed chambering - catching the steep-angled back metal sight on the belt, or other clothing I'm wearing. I would concede that this is not the situation you want to find yourself in...

I think some of the scenarios you mentioned can be mitigated with situational awareness: being mindful of the corners, low-light areas, etc. Not all scenarios, but some. But, I guess nothing will effectively address every scenario - unless you are willing to always carry a gun with 33-round mag and have it always in your hand and always with cartridge in the chamber 24/7...
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