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Originally Posted by norton View Post
I will agree with you that job opportunities are not what they should be for young people. I have a son who is between x and whatever came next (Y?). He is a college graduate, works hard and is trying to get ahead.
No one is counting you out.
But ask yourself this. What do you think the reaction of your friends, fellow students, co workers would be if tomorrow you received a letter from the Federal Govt, requiring you to serve in the US military for the next two years? Not by choice, not because you are patriotic, or for any other reason, but because you are the right age to be a trigger puller.
Oh and chances are you will be sent to fight a foreign enemy in the jungles of the Pacific islands, or over the farm fields of France and sadly many of you will never return. Would you or your friends do it?
Forgive me for jumping in on this one.
The baby boomers had that happen to them in Vietnam. Why are they, you, not the greatest generation?

Please, once again, explain why its called the greatest generation.
You are 0-3 so far.
Maybe lets agree to disagree.
Seriously, lets.
I am really trying to be nice.

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