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Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
I talked to my 1911 buddy today. He has seen every type of mishap many times over. He said a squib will bulge a 1911 barrel but not damage anything else. Granted, it's a different gun, but it's the same caliber. A double charge will do damage.

He said a double of fast powder, like Bullseye, will rely do some damage, but not like we see in this thread. He said the case blows out, packs the remaining rounds down into the mag and they are jammed there. The grips are toast. The remaining rounds are actually wrinkled.

Based on his description of a double charge, I'm wondering if this was a triple charge.
Search GT, You will find this has already been done. Squib backed up by a regular load toasted a 1911 and hurt the shooter's hand.
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