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Originally Posted by norton View Post
I am not dishonoring anyone. I did not serve. I am from the baby boomer generation. I wish to thank everyone who has sacrificed for their country.
but the TGG -as a whole-was called upon to sacrifice in a way and at numbers that stagger modern terminology. I agree medial technology is light years ahead of where it was in WW2. But TGG fought a global two front staggering war, that consumed nearly all of America's resources. Those who were left behind here in the U.S. were called upon not to drive cars, to ration food, women were called upon to do mens work in factories-it lead to better lives and more opportunity for all women-and families were shattered by the overwhelming death totals for US service people not seen since the American Civil War.
Thats your argument for calling it the GREATEST GENERATION?

Those at home had rationing and the line forced upon them, understandably.
We are currently running a war with so many fronts an algebra teacher would need to explain it to me. And maybe a geography teacher too. Mmmm probably not.

Look, I am not looking down on that generation. They had hard times, no doubt. I am saying they dont deserve a moniker of the greatest generation.

The baby boomers dont nor do the x-y-z-1-2-3 or whatever.

I am not trying to upset you. It seems obvious this time affected you deeply in one way or another.
If you would like to continue the debate, please give an example, not to include WWII, how that, or ANY, generation can be crowned the greatest.

Remember, I have not even brought out negative aspects of that time.
Right now, its about proving your assertion of the greatest generation.

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