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Originally Posted by OhioGlock90 View Post
In a real life situation where you would need to draw and fire your weapon you will not have time to rack one Into the chamber! Most SD shootings happen in a few feet and within seconds. I read that if someone is coming at you with a knife and they are within 4 feet when you start to draw (with a loaded chamber) you will lose that match. Do some research online and you will see why you should carry with one in the pipe. There is even YouTube videos of people pulling a gun with out one in the chamber and it costing them.

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Four feet, you are beyond lost, unless you can fend the person off with one hand long enough to draw. As has been widely discussed, the average person can cover 21 feet in about 2 seconds or less. The vast majority people would be hard pressed to draw and get a round on target in 2 seconds.

This brings up several factors:

First, the importance of practicing over and over your draw and target acquisition (with an unloaded or practice blue/red gun of course). This includes drawing, pointing and directional shooting from the point of your hip, while holding off a defender with your off hand.

Second, the need to have a round in the chamber, because while it's difficult to draw from concealment and get on target in two seconds, it's nearly impossible to do so while also racking the slide during that time frame.

Third, situational awareness. If an attacker is within four feet, and decides to attack with a knife, club, etc., you will be hard pressed to survive the encounter. Most of us are not aware enough of our surroundings on a constant basis, to work hard to keep the distance between us and suspicious/shady individuals, whether that means crossing to the other side of the street, taking another route, or some other action to keep the distance and buy yourself precious seconds if you are attacked.
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