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I finally got the chance to meet up with the smith. He actually liked the chamber. He thought I should just load short rounds to fit it. His work focuses on 50 yard accuracy. He builds about 40 guns a year with chambers like mine. He also liked the rest of the gun. He said it was tighter than what Colt has been putting out for the last few years.

He said he'd be happy to run a standard Clymer reamer in it if I wanted, so I went with that. He'll turn it by hand until so as not to cut the chamber itself any deeper. He also is putting a slight bevel on the sides of the chamber entrance to make it less likely to choke on SWC's.

He's going to peen the link pin slightly so it doesn't fall out like it does now when the gun is stripped. He also found a spot on the guide rod that is rubbing somewhere it isn't supposed to so he is going to bevel that slightly.

He thought the trigger should be left as is, 5# and no creep. He said he could lighten it up, but recommended against going any lighter for a gun that is for social work.
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