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Originally Posted by norton View Post
Take a look at combat deaths in WW2. In the 10 years we have fought in Iraq and Afg, the total number of deaths is about 6500.
In WW2, the death toll for American service men was roughly405,000. That is about 62 times as many deaths. Do you think there is any way Americans today would have put up with that number? and of course many of the service people in WW2 were conscripted.
It was not forced on them. They were called, and they went. This would not happen today.
Dude, you really are going to compare combat deaths between generations??


You began this line of comparison

The level of technology is different. We have a vast advantage. Great!

We are fighting a borderless war.

Our medics and medical technology is better so there are fewer deaths.
I am disgusted to even to have to post that for a comparison.
I APOLOGIZE to everyone except norton.

We are an All VOLUNTARY military.
We dont wait for the letter.
We are already in uniform.
I was
My older son is
My younger son is

Did you?
I bet you did. You seem like someone who did your part.
Like one of my grandfathers, my dad, me and my sons.

So please explain your next sacrifice that was made by that generation that hasn't been made by the current one.
This one has been squashed.


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