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An interesting comment was made by a dog trainer about household pets, some time ago. He said that owners of dogs that are household pets, will not permit their pet grow up to adulthood. That is, the dog is talked to, worked with, played with and generally treated, all throughout their life as if they were still a puppy.

The dogs are not being allowed to mature into working adults dogs. People want puppies because they are more like babies, and owners more often prefer perennual puppies so they can baby them for the owners personal fulfillment. There are few families that really need or want fully matured adult working dog. Some do, most don't.

I think this is the same situation for parents with their children. They do not want the child to grow up because then the parent will lose the closeness and dependence of the relationship.

In times past, the parents had all they could do to support themselves during later life and retirement. They had to ensure their children were self reliant so they could be pushed out of the nest, of financial necessity. But with the Government assistance increasing now, parents have more money to keep their puppies longer and some just can't let go. Puppies forever.

Disclaimer: Yes, I love my dog and I try to keep him a puppy forever. it's for me.
My kids are on their own and I couldn't be more proud of them. It's for

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