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Originally Posted by ArlenGunClub View Post
Hey guys,
I just got my CHL in TX and am deciding how I will carry my G23. I have heard arguments for keeping one in the chamber and keeping all in the clip, and I'm still stuck on the decision. I want y'alls opinions. I feel uneasy carrying one in the chamber as the glock has no external safety, but I don't want to waste time and possibly alert an enemy racking the slide if it ever comes down to it. Help me Glock Talk.
It's one of the most common question that new, and even longer term, gun owners ask. Bottom line, if your gun isn't ready to go when you need it, it could be the difference between life and death. That said, carrying one in the chamber does increase the risk of negligent/accidental discharge when handling/re-holstering your weapon (which you should be doing as little as possible).

The gun should have a round chambered, yet you clearly aren't comfortable with it, which means you need more time and training handling/re-holstering your weapon.

Or, you can switch from a Glock to a gun with a manual safety, but that still requires training and discipline to make it second nature to disengage the safety on the draw and re-engage the safety prior to holstering.
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