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Originally Posted by Glock20 10mm View Post
There are many reasons why our children are being raised screwed up:

1. Family units are broken apart by divorce.

2. Family units refuse to mend past issues with elders thereby alienating a generation of built in child care.

3. Families are spread out which eliminates the ability of elders to help their children raise their children.

4. Both parents are working full time jobs which eliminates parental supervision and is used as an excuse to extract oneself from the responsibility of parenting.

5. Discipline is viewed as a negative thing. It isn't. How discipline is instilled is the problem, but discipline itself is a powerful tool in any persons kit.

6. Government intrusion into the private lives of families. I understand that abuse does happen, I lived in an abusive home... I know first hand what abuse is... and what it isn't. The problem is now little Johnny or Jane can run to a school official and rat their parent out. The child's word is taken over the adults word with very little initial investigation.
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