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Here is my take...

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

My family and I shop at the XXXX store since it opened in XXXX and have enjoyed the family friendly atmosphere and courteous staff.

On my last visit, I observed a “No Firearms” sign posted at the entrance to the store. These so-called "gun free zones" create a victim rich environment for criminals, who take advantage of these areas.

In the theater shooting in Aurora, CO, the suspect selected that particular theater because of the “No Firearms” policy. Do you believe criminals will not come into your store because of this sign?

I am licensed by the state of Louisiana to carry a concealed firearm and I possess City of XXXX Special Officers Commission. Your policy would make it illegal for me to legally carry a firearm on your property.

Your policy tramples on my Constitutional right to protect myself and my family. Because of this, we will be taking our business to Walmart who not only provides police officers for our protection, more importantly they support my right to carry a firearm while shopping at their facilities.

Should you choose to either remove the sign, we will consider making Whole Foods our grocery store again.



You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.

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