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Hi Jerry,

"A" for effort. May I suggest something a little more artful?

Store manager's name & title
store location

RE: recent change to the store

To Mr/Ms xxxxx,

My family and I frequent your store and have shopped there since it opened. We enjoy the friendly (??) staff and like the (beer selection, the great meat and fish dept, the produce is excellent, etc.) We also like the organic and "green" philosophy of your company. .... I don't know...just write whatever it is that Jerry and family like about the store, eh?).

I was therefore very concerned on my last visit to see a new "No Firearms permitted" sign at the entrance to the store. Recent events have polarized many on both sides of this issue and this is understandable. Also, I understand that the store is your property AND that you may choose to do with it as you see fit within legal bounds. This action is within your legal bounds and I will respect it.

Considering the potentially dangerous location that, especially recently, "Gun-free zones" seem to create for criminals and the mentally challenged among us all, my family and I will sadly shop elsewhere.

We will miss all the great things about your store, but my family's well-being MUST come first.

Jerry xxxxxx

John Mackey, co-Chief Executive Officer
Whole Foods Market, Inc.
550 Bowie Street
Austin, TX 78703-4644

Well, it's a start anyway
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