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^ NP.

If you have far to drive or are concerned about the turn-around time, I'd give them a call, first. They're really friendly. Good folks.

I'd just hate to have you go out there, only to not have any better result than you would have had, somewhere else!

I've been looking for other replies on indicating current wait-times through Geauga, but I can't find anything more recent. That 15-day wait-time was for someone who had a "sealed" criminal record, but it was unclear in his post if the reason processing took longer was because of simply the volume of current applications or if it had been due to his background being a bit more complicated.

Top Gun Supply is:

Be careful of their business hours, though, so that you time your outing correctly! They're only open a couple of days a week ( I don't know if their retail shop has many long-guns still on the walls, but their showroom is always drool-worthy.
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